Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Poinsettia Has to have a Holiday Miracle!

Poinsettia was recently rescued from a high kill shelter by Dogs XL Rescue.  In this short time, she has become a favorite among our volunteers!

Poinsettia is a sweet and loving lab that is struggle to survive right now.  Her foster is taking wonderful care of her, but she needs surgery NOW.

Poinsettia medical state is URGENT!.

She has been diagnosed with severe laryngeal paralysis.  She is struggling to breath especially when she lays on her side.   Most likely a genetic condition, the paralysis causes the muscles in her neck and throat to not retract properly when she is breathing.

When Poinsettia lays down, the skin on the inside of her throat (the laryngeal flaps) blocks her airway and she "suffocates".

We have had a veterinarian involved consulting with her condition and they feel they can successfully correct this problem with surgery.  This surgery, however, costs $3000 to $4000 depending on complications. 



Sunday, December 9, 2012

Roudy got a little too Rowdy!

Last night was a night of worry as a foster mom came home to find out that her foster dog, Roudy, had gotten out of the house.  Unfortunately, it was dark and it was a challenging search.    After a few hours, Roudy was found, but he not soon enough.   Roudy, we think, was hit by a car while he was out and about.

His leg was mangled and he was in pain.  Immediately, he was rushed to the ER.   After x-rays and an evaluation,  he was lucky to have to broken bones.   They cleaned his extensive wounds and stitched up an areas that they could close.

This was an unplanned cost that we need your help with.   In a few short hours, Roudy's bills totaled $700.  With the holidays here, this is a tough one for Dogs XL Rescue.  Please help!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Surgery Update for Baby Girl Lab

Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement and compassion for this little girl.   As you can see, she has made it through the surgery!   She is still on a lot of pain meds and trying to work off the anesthesia.

The vet said that the surgery went well although a little tougher to repair than he predicted.   Apparently, there was an older break as well that had been healing on its own.

Ugh....  can't imagine what she has been through in her short life.    We are glad she is finally in our care so we can ensure that she gets the medical attention that she needs now and we will work endlessly to find her the perfect loving home!

Please help by donating to her medical care.   Her adoption fee alone, will not put a dent in the cost of orthopedic surgery that she has bravely endured!

Please see her chip in here to donate: http://www.dogsxlrescue.org/donate

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lost Baby Girl Hit by a Car!

This sweet 9 month old lab baby was found wandering hurt, alone and scared. The good Samaritans that found her noticed she was in pain and looked as though she had been hit by a car!

They rushed her to nearest vet who determined that she had  fractured hips.

Now in good care, she is in need of this life saving procedure to allow her to walk pain-free. Because of the cost of the surgery, these special people reached out to Dogs XL Rescue to help. 
It is because of our wonderful supporters that we are able to help in extreme cases such as this. The surgery and vet care will be expensive. That is why we need your help!
We also realize it is near the holidays so is there someone in your life that would love to have a donation made in honor? Would they want to know that they were part of saving a life? Is there a child or adult that would like to be part of saving an animal from pain?

Dogs XL will graciously write a personal note to a person of your choice for every donation over $75 explaining that a donation was made in their honor with a picture of this beautiful girl. They will also have access of to her updates and recovery so they can share in the experience.
The first donor of $150 will have naming rights as well!

Please help make the holidays easier for this sweet baby girl.   She deserves our help!  

This beautiful lab will be looking for her family to adopt her after the surgery.... imagine giving her that special holiday gift!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Berber update

We received really bad news during Berbers surgery yesterday that he had masses of cancer everywhere in his body. The vet that was performing the surgery him told us that there was no solution or cure and that seeing the extend of the disease, he recommended letting Berber pass during his time under anesthesia.
Although we are very sad by this news we find some relief for Berber  that it was not a result of the BB's or cruelty. There was a reason he was found in his last days and his foster did her best to give him love and the assistance he needed.. Much better than being in a shelter alone.
The vet and his staff that were with him yesterday really bonded with him. He had walk with the vet prior to his surgery and lots of love and hope going into the surgery today. He was not alone in his final days. We truly feel he was meant to have found us for this reason.
Please do something nice for animal today in Berbers honor if you can.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012



Dogs XL Rescue agreed to take Berber, a shy and scared, sweet mixed breed shepherd.   We think he is about 3 years old.   We had plans to get him into a foster home and then find him a great forever home.   He showed up dirty, very matted and looking a little uncomfortable.

Upon further investigation, he was found to have distended tummy and some urination problems.  We immediately took him to the vet who ran blood work and a did a tummy "tap".    After a few other tests, we were told the unthinkable.   He had between 18 and 20 bebes (as in gunshots) in side him.   Yes, as if he was used for TARGET PRACTICE!

All of us here at Dogs XL have been struggling with this information.   Right now, all we can come up with that makes any sense in this situation is to do what is right for this guy that has been through too much.    There is a possibility that he is not going to make it.   The source of the pain and abdominal swelling might be unfixable, he might not survive long.   For this, we have a WONDERFUL HOSPICE foster that will feed him cheeseburgers and let him know that in his last days, he was loved.  

We are pulling for Berber though.   The other possibility is that our hardworking vet partner can figure out if their is another cause of some of his symptoms.   With hope on Berber's side, we can possibly "fix" the problem and Berber can start his road to recovery.  

We will in no way keep him in pain, but we do want to try to help him, to give him a chance.  No one ever has given him a chance.  BERBER DESERVES OUR HELP!  We are hoping for the best, but feel like we have to give him this chance at life. 

Please consider donating to help Berber.     His medical costs right now are $650.   After the exploratory surgery tomorrow, we will know more.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cadbury's Happy Ending

Sometimes in rescue work, you hit this point where you wonder "What is wrong with this world?", "How much more can I take of seeing bad things over and over"...   then you find a dog like Cadbury (and unfortunately, there are MANY like Cadbury).   You wonder... what did this beautifully sweet, gentle and loving dog go through to end up emaciated, dying in a ditch on the side of the road???

Every time,  it is just as heartbreaking, just as hard.  Sometimes you cry, sometimes you joke, sometimes you are just numb, but as a rescue, each of our volunteers just keep trucking a long.   What pulls us through over and over and over are the happy endings!   And there ARE many happy endings that force you to continue.  The happy endings keep you working knowing that with no end to the homelessness in sight, you have to keep going.  You have to pull it together and just keep saving lives that are depending on you!  

So on Saturday, Cadbury found his home. Did you read that! He found his HOME!
He left with a loving family that fell in love with him as soon as they read his story.   He will have two gentle children to romp around with and just snuggle.  

On his first day home, he rolled on the floor with his new dad and even met a few of his new doggy neighbors.   He even had a movie night with a bunch of children and a dog friend!

He left my house weighing in at a whopping 15lbs more than when he got there.  He was up to 65lbs!   He still has a long way to go, but he was headed there big time!

Although he was still low on energy (and very chill!) this was his last romp with his temporary foster dog pals.  Look how happy he was and how much better he looked.

Please help Dogs XL Rescue continue to take in the harder cases.   They require more time, medical care and financial support.  We can not do it without you!   Please donate to our critical care fund and help save a dog that deserves a second chance like Cadbury!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pampering Appointment!

We are do-it-yourself dogwashers, however, Cadbury deserved a spa day.   We tried the Heresy Spa but they hung up when we said the appointment was for Cadbury.  Ha!
Well we waited until Cadbury was feeling better and his energy was up then we took him to our trusted friends at Annandale Pet Spa for some TLC. They loved him!!!. While all the other dogs there were safely crated around the spa, Cadbury got to hang out with the staff the whole time... The staff, who was sneaking him treats!
Oh he smells like a little slice of heaven now. They cleaned his ears better than we ever could have and really conditioned his coat.   He is quite the handsome dude!
With his weight up to 64 lbs (THAT'S 10 LBS) and with his dapper new bandana, he is stylin and making heads turn!
I included a new "back" picture here so everyone can see how he is looking better already.
He is a sweet, amazing and easy going dog! He is ready for his new home.  Did I mentioned trained?
We LOVE to save dogs like Cadbury! We want them to have the lives they deserve.
Please help us continue our work by donating to their care!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cadbury Update 9/26/12

So needless to say, Cadbury had a rough couple of days.   He started a hacking/retching that started every night that went non-stop throughout the entire night.   We started him on some GI medicine and some antibiotics and things were not changing.

Yesterday, Cadbury paid a visit to the vet that was a little anti-climatic.  We got a lot of "keep doing what you are doing and good luck".   Ironic but, oh-so-common, he had a better night just because he went to the doctor.   If I had a dollar every time that happened!

His blood work from a week ago showed he was severely anemic, basically living off of his bone marrow.   But amazingly everything was as good as you can get given his condition.   We opted to not do more blood work or xrays right now per the vets recommendation because he needs a little more time to recover and build some strength before anything can be conclusive with more diagnostics.    The hope is that as he gains weight and recovers, everything will fall into place.   Should things not improve fully, it may tell us HOW he got to be so thin... some of it, although a long shot, could be partially physiological.   Its all a wait and see.

Good News...
We have hit 60 pounds!   Five meals a day and teeny walks have started to help Cadbury put on a little muscle where he had literally NONE.    He is still a little "Eeyore" in personality, but perking up.   Coming from not looking up or into your eyes to staring you down for a rub or food is a lot of progress for this boy.

He tries to beat the other dogs to the door to get to be the first one for a walk:)   Makes us laugh.
Best yet....   he came to my bed last night and whined for a minute, i said "what", so he grabbed my hand in his mouth and pulled me to the back door to let him out.   Can you say, "housebroken"?

For those of you who are looking for a life long pal, Cadbury is the best mannered, easiest and one of the sweetest dogs we have had... and we have had too many to count come through our home as fosters.   He is a delight!

If you would like to seriously help Dogs XL Rescue do what we do, please consider becoming a foster home.   We can not take in dogs in need and have to turn them down if we dont have a house for them to go to.  To foster please go to http://www.dogsxlrescue.org/volunteer/foster.

OR, please donate to the special care that many of these dogs need.  We work solely on the kind donations of people like you.   Our adoption fees do not cover the costs of our special need dogs.  We need your help! Please donate here so we can take in the next dog in need.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Black Shadow UPDATE! Surgery and a home.

Our awesome Black Shadow has had a run of it these past few weeks!   
Thanks to everyone we were able to pay for a portion of his needed surgeries!

First the medical update:
Black Shadow was scheduled for surgery last month.  During his first surgery, the veterinarian determined that Shadow's knees needed a special procedure requiring artificial knee hardware.  So, unfortunately, Shadow was closed back up at his knees and he was put on hold until specialized parts were ordered.

Staples in his first leg that underwent the knee replacement
Yesterday, Shadow went in like a trooper to his big time surgery appointment and underwent the complete replacement on one knee.   He is doing great the vet says and will be released tomorrow to start rehab on his first knee.   In one month he returns to have his second knee repaired.  

But here comes the good news...
When he goes home, he will be going home to HIS NEW FAMILY!   They are going to work with him through the procedures and rehab and make sure he is living the fabulous spoiled life.

Dogs XL Rescue was able to commit to Dark Shadow and his medical needs because of YOU!   But we are only part of the way there and we need YOUR HELP!

Each knee repair costs about $4000!   We are working with the adopters to help Shadow in the best way we know how and we have committed to the cost of these necessary.   Please go to his chip in and help make this boy whole again!
We started ahead on this guy so he would not have to suffer long.   We earned about $2000 towards the $8K.   We are optimistic that we can get your help for the remaining portion of this HUGE BILL.  


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Need I say more....
First wag, first attempt to play and second happy noise :)
napping now.   that was all so exhausting!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day one - improvements and shock

Let's just say that the camera does add ten pounds!    Sweet Cadbury arrived yesterday in Baltimore barely able to stand.   His muscle mass is nonexistent.  
Today he took his last road trip for a little while to head to VA to our adoption event in Tysons Corner to get to his foster home nearby.   With many small meals in his delicate tummy he was standing and actually walked around a little at the event for a few minutes and then headed for a cushy soft bed in his fosters home.
A big vat of rice, chicken and wet dog food was made to be used for a few days to slowly introduce food into his system.
He had trouble standing to eat and his hind feet actually tottered off the ground due to his hindend being so underweight and weak!!!!!   
Tonight he made it on a two house walk.... Ya gotta start somewhere, right???
What we do know is that he is tired, very tired.   Oh but he is sweet, gentle, and really, really tried to wag when he met the fosters dogs and kids.
He is happily and comfortably sleeping right now.    Hope his dreams are of his great home that will come when he is ready!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cadbury WILL Have a New Life!

It's always hard to look at these pictures.  Your mind can go so many places with the "what happened to him", "who did this to him", "how much has he suffered".  Its all just so heartbreaking. 

We want to tell you about Cadbury and then focus on the positive.   Cadbury is on his way to us RIGHT NOW and we need your help to make it happen!

Meet Cadbury, the beautiful, sweet, soon to be, LARGE chocolate lab.  Cadbury found himself in a high-kill shelter about 60 pounds underweight and in fates hands. He has had a run-in that has torn one of his ears and needs emergency dental work for teeth that have not survived the malnutrition he has faced. This is what we need your help with.   These bills are about $800.

Typically, shelters are too full, with not enough resources or time to help a dog like Cadbury out of his situation.  So here we go on the great and positive events that are happening here...

Cadbury, at some point had someone in his life,...maybe a previous owner or a good Samaritan that had him neutered (AMAZING!).  He was tested at the shelter yesterday and miraculously, he is heartworm negative!  In the shape he is in, he passed his state health inspection to be able to come to Dogs XL Rescue in order to get to the next phase of his life.   A foster home is set up and ready to give him love, attention, and LOTS OF YUMMY FOOD.

In order for dogs like Cadbury to be saved, a line of devoted people have to come together perfectly, or that life is lost.   The amazing list begins with the person that pulled him from his horrible situation of near death and starvation and the shelter staff that chose to help him by putting their necks on the line to reach out to a rescue vs euthanizing him due to his condition.  Too often, this is an unsuccessful feat due to the pure numbers of dogs needing help.

From there, there is a multiple car/person of transport of volunteers that are coordinated to drive Cadbury to the Baltimore area to Dogs XL Rescue.   This is happening as your read this!  Once with he is with us (and believe, me, this is just taking a glimpse of tip of the iceberg on his team of volunteers working on his behalf), he will have adoption coordinators, foster home coordinators, dog adoption event coordinators, veterinarians, drivers, and a special foster family all pulling for him and working each day to make sure he is doing well and finds the best and most loving forever home.  

Still staying very positive, because sometimes you just have to do this heart-wrenching work, we will be sending out pictures in the future of a beautiful, healthy, HUGE and hopefully overweight, chocolate lab, snuggling with his new found family that will cherish him and give him the life he deserves.  I'm sure there will be a ball fetching and some swimming in that new life too!



We hope that with your help, Cadbury might look like this one day....  :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dark Shadow Thank you UPDATE!

Shadow is very grateful to all of the donors that are going above and beyond to help him!

We have raised about $1200 together to help him start the process to recovery.   Yesterday, he went to the orthopedic specialist for a pre-op evaluation and blood work.  Your donations helped make this possible.

The vet recommended starting next week with his surgery procedures.   He will go in next week to have the vet put him under to further evaluate his knees and to determine the best way to proceed.   Hopefully, he will have one knee repaired at that time.   If the vet evaluates him under anesthesia and feels a knee replacement would be better suited for full recovery, he will be scheduled for that procedure once the custom medical components are ordered and ready to go!

We are excited and optimistic knowing that everyone is pitching in to help the great baby!

Stay posted for updates!

You can meet and support Dark Shadow and Dogs XL tonight, Saturday, August 4th at

Yellow Dog Tavern
700 South Potomac Street
Baltimore, MD 21224

Hope to see you there!


For questions, please email Anne at Anne@dogsxlrescue.org.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dark Shadow Is in Pain! You can help!

Our Sweet Dark Shadow Needs YOUR HELP to find a Forever home!

Dark Shadow has chronic knee cap dislocation with severe arthritis due to neglect and lack of medical care.    Dogs XL cannot do this without your help!   The cost of the surgery is estimated at $7,000.

Week after week, Dark Shadow goes to adoption events and gets lots of pets and belly rubs. He kisses, wags and is pretty much the "perfect" dog families are looking to adopt.  Sadly, as soon as an adopter hears about his knees, he is left standing alone and unloved with no family taking him home.

It takes a special adopter that comes along once in a lifetime that will adopt a dog that has huge medical bills.  His only chance at a forever home is if we all chip in, piece by piece, to pay his bills. This way he can undergo a corrective surgery for his knees and be adopted out as a "normal" dog.   With your help, Shadow, this beautiful loving dog can find his forever home!

Did we tell you that Dark Shadow is an awesome HUNK OF LOVE yet?   He loves KIDS, he loves DOGS, and you could even say he loves CATS!  He dreams of running and chasing balls, hanging out with his family and having his belly rubbed.

Unfortunately, Dark Shadow has had a rough go during his 3 years of life.   Neglected, he found himself in a HIGH kill (and we mean, very HIGH KILL) shelter in Missouri.  He was heartworm positive and on death row.   Dogs XL Rescue saw this sweet boy and has put forth their best effort to protect and care for him.
With his heartworm treatment complete, he was briefly adopted to a family that lived in a multi-level home.  Because Shadow was never in a house, let alone a house with stairs, no one noticed that he had trouble with his hind legs.   He couldn’t maneuver up and down the stairs due to a knee problem.   The family was unable to financially care for him so he is back with Dogs XL Rescue while we help him through these orthopedic issues.

After a visit to a specialist, he was diagnosed with Bilateral Subluxing Patellar Dysfunction… basically; his knee caps have been dislocated to the side and never went back.   This is a VERY painful and debilitating condition.   Fortunately, surgical intervention can correct the problem!
Dark Shadow definitely needs knee cap realignment but it gets more complicated if there is arthritis.  It is very possible he needs “implants” or in other terms… knee replacements.  The wonderful news is that he will have a GREAT recovery and will be close to normal function after the 16 week recover. 
Dark Shadow, our sweet boy, needs prolonged foster care, funds to cover his surgery, and eventually a family to call his own.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Tiny Needs Emergency Surgery


Yesterday (Thursday) Dogs XL was asked to take in Tiny, a pretty brindle mastiff mix. We were told she was about 5 years old and 175 lbs and she needed OUT of a bad bad situation.

She has been living in a home with over 20 animals and the "caretaker" has been unable to care for the all animals. We agreed to rescue her with the partnership of a local South Carolina rescue Tiny was sent to a local vet for medical attention.

During preparations for her spay surgery, it became quite clear that Tiny was suffering from pyometra. This is a uterine infection in unspayed female dogs. The uterus swells in size much larger than normal, the uterine walls thicken, and becomes filled with puss. It is painful and it requires a removal of the uterus...a major surgery.

The surgery is estimated to be over $1000 plus vet boarding and other charges. Dogs XL is partnering with a local South Carolina rescue and has agreed to pay half of the costs.
We need your help to raise the money to ensure Tiny gets the surgery she needs!  Please click on the below link here to donate to Tiny below link here to donate Tiny.

Thank you from all the volunteers at Dogs XL Rescue.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

They call him BONES...

Cain was his name.  Starving and on a chain, no way to get food, he was at the mercy of his owner. Neighbors did what they could by throwing him food and sneaking him a little house to sleep in when it was pouring rain.   Very unfortunate for Cain, he was in a county that had always turned the other cheek to animal abuse and neglect.  He was dying a slow painful death.
Here is a video of him eating dirt to survive:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vvV5syLt6U

Casey Lattimer of the Delta Humane Society of Louisiana decided to fight for him!   Hounding law enforcement she was able to get the only judge in the county to concede to see Bones as more than just property.   Bones was the first dog in this area of Louisiana to be seized from from an abusive owner.  He was only 20 lbs when they took him from his abuser.

Bones' journey to recovery started that day!   The vet in the area took him in and determined that he had significant heartworm disease and feeding him at this point had to be delicate.   The staff was enamored by him and lovingly named him "BONES".   A long term foster home later...  well, this picture says it all.   All 65 healthy pounds of him!  He is doing awesome and is headed our way on a long journey May 20th. He is ready to know what love really is and how life is not what he was subjected to all that time.

A little side note:   The original owner of Bones ran for a local political seat believe it or not!   He was arraigned and plead guilty.   He was charged with $300 in fines, 60 day sentence in jail (now suspended) and was to pay Bone's medical bills.  This story made local news in Louisiana.  
Hopefully, his story helps many more animals and brings awareness to other situations that are similar to his.   Too many are not able to be saved from this kind of life.


Even if you don’t haveroom in your home for him, you can help! Donate to Dark Shadows Chip in. You can help save his life, relieve his pain and get him one stepfurther to his forever home!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taking On the Universe....And Winning!

Part One:   Destiny
Please just take a minute to let this sink in.
This beautiful Great Dane is the reason for this story.

Destiny, prepped for surgery

On March 5th, Destiny underwent emergency surgery to save her life.  A few days prior to this picture, her owner, that was to be her protector, caregiver and family, hit her with his car.  We do not know the circumstances with the accident.  We do know that she was left suffering for days without veterinary care.   On March 5th, she was dumped at the shelter to die alone.  Quickly, the shelter team reached out to Where Hope Lives Humane Society.   She was sent to a local vet for emergency surgery.   The above picture is Destiny moments before she could fight no longer and lost her life.   To the surgical teams surprise, they discovered that she was pregnant!  The team quickly performed an emergency C-Section to find 6 premature orphaned pups, now, fighting for their lives.   

Part Two:  Against All Odds

Six Premature Orphaned Pups.  With no mother, no milk, and little chance of survival,  sadness and shock overwhelmed all of the people involved.  They acted quickly.  A temporary local foster was used to care for them for a few days until they found a rescue to take the pups.  For a rescue, this is a VERY risky undertaking.   Emotions, transporting infant pups, premature lungs and development, deadly infections, expensive medical care, socialization of pups without a mom.... so many things stacked against any rescue who takes them on.  Well....

Bottle feeding the pups on the drive North to VA.

A few days after their birth, two volunteers from Dogs XL Rescue, Michelle Friedman and Anne Wuhrer, got up at the crack of dawn to do the round trip to get the puppies from SC. After a lot of caffeine, baby bottles, exposure to a Cracker Barrel, a reckless driving ticket later, 4 puppies  (all 1 lb of them) were safely with them.   Two pups were adopted locally despite our efforts to keep them together as a litter.  Bottle feeding the entire way with the pups in a little crate, they made the trek (driving slower, of course) back home.  

The first of the pups, earned her nickname on the way home.     Beyonce, was given her honorary name with good reason as you can see here in this video.   The radio was no longer needed.                 

Determined, but cautious, the pups went to Anne's house for a two week stint with the goal of survival.   Vets were not optimistic for these little babies given the circumstances.  Bottle feeding every 2-3 hours around the clock was exhausting, the bathroom became a neonatal ward at 90 degrees!   Thanks to Big Bad Woof and Stella and Chewy's, a generous supply of raw goats milk (and later food) was donated for the 10-12 feedings a day.

Baby Scrappy
After one week, one of the pups became very ill.  An ER visit resulted in pessimistic news about his survival.  There was no treatment to help at the vets office.  The next two days, Scrappy spent endless hours on home IV's, being force fed and being held 23 hours a day to keep him warm and breathing.   This is when we knew someone/thing bigger than Dogs XL was looking after these babies!  Scrappy (aka Yoda) earned his name those two days when he fought for his little life and pulled through miraculously.

Part Three:   Getting Excited and Hopeful!

Too much milk... burb!
With weights increasing and health improving, the pups (now a whopping 3 lbs each!) were moved to another foster to transition to food, learning to walk and eventually reek havoc. Jennifer Fruhling took on the world when she took in these guys.  Imagine puppies growing at about a half pound a day!  That's a lot of Puppy!   (and a lot of poop)  Working on manners and socialization and, oh yea, eventually, figuring out escape tactics, these pups have been a delightful, HUGE amount of work.   Over time, each one has developed his or her own personality and are just little (soon to be very big) love bugs.   Recently, they have learned how to escape their pen and make a break for the doggy door.

Part Four:   Preparation for Loving, Forever Homes

These wonderful pups, deserve the best homes that Dogs XL Rescue can find for them.  They will need people that love big...  I mean, BIG dogs.   This is the best place to point out...well, we don't know who the baby's daddy is!   Today, they are about 8 1/2 weeks and weighing in at about 16 lbs each!   If you are interested in adopting, please go to www.dogsxlrescue.org/adopt
So without further adu, Dogs XL Rescue is extremely proud to introduce the most resilient, life-loving, delicious pups in the world! 

The Great Dane Star Wars Pups.
(just cuz they took on the universe and won!)


Princess Leia

Leia is friendly and not scared to get the attention she rightly deserves.   Kinda the leader of the pack, she is smart and intuitive.  She will do great with training and consistency…  and lots of love of course!
Leia is a very friendly, outgoing puppy who can be a little bossy at times, but who doesn't have a sibling like that?   She is not afraid of anything, which is awesome.  She would thrive in a home that has a confident dog to show her the ropes as well and help her with training courses (as will all of the puppies) so she is a happy and confident leader.

"Scrappy" Yoda

Scrappy has worked hard earning his nick-name.   He fought for his life and won.  He is now one of the biggest and heartiest of this motley crew.   He is a very outgoing puppy with a love for life always exploring his world.   He plays nicely with dogs big and small, old and young.  A bit of a character, in deed! He has fun,  fun,  fun and may be trying to make up for lost time!

Well (sigh with a smile), this sweet pup is a special boy.   R2D2 is very quiet with a gentle soul.  LOVES to be held.   R2 is sometimes the “follower” in the group.   He likes to hang back, check the situation out before he dives in.   He plays it safe typically and isn’t a real attention hog.  R2 has a thing for the quiet, calmer life…minimal adventure right now.   A great owner for R2D2 would be one who has patience and a quiet home, but will spend the time allowing him to get used to new things in a positive manner.    Such a sweetheart!

Queen Padme 
(aka beyonce)
Honestly, she knows herself only as Beyonce or just "B" for short.  She is quite the rockstar these days.  Beyonce/Padme is easy going and full of love.  She is tolerant of everyone and has a great personality.   Unlike the other pups, she's a wee bit "blacker" and has a little fluff to her coat.   This past weekend she underwent a little test to confirm that she has a minor digestive issue that the vets are optimistic she will outgrow.   She needs a little extra help eating, but loves the individual attention. Spoiled much!?

Video from their Preemie/Infant Weeks.

Video from their Toddler Weeks!

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We CAN NOT do the GREAT WORK that we are
 trying to accomplish without fosters!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sad news... But not bad news...

Our first two girls to come up from Kentucky have been postponed for a week.   The rescue team decided the long ride from KY that takes over 10 different hand-off, going car to car to car, would be too hard on these beautiful saint  girls today.  
Aimee and Mercy, due to horrendous care and overbreeding, underwent challenging spay surgeries.   Their uteruses literally falling apart!   The vets did their best but they need a week to heal and get their pain undercontrol. 
So the good news... They have a week of rest and will come next.Saturday!   We cant wait to give these girls the love they deserve!!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

A New Life for Many....

Dogs XL Rescue is excited to announce the rescue of 5 Saint Bernards and 1 Bullmastiff from a notorious animal hoarding case...To donate to their care visit http://www.dogsxlrescue.org/donate and read below for more details about these resilient dogs and how you can help! 
Even as experienced rescuers, we at Dogs XL are surprised, time and time again, at what people can do to animals.  Nothing has shocked as much as the Henry County, Kentucky animal hoarding/puppy mill abuse case!    

Watch the news coverage here:

A couple was found with nearly 200 animals, ranging from horses to guinea pigs, on their property. There were numerous dogs including small and large breed. The conditions were deplorable. Crates filled with inches of slug served as the only home animals have ever known.

Dogs were housed in such small areas that they nearly had to stand on top of each other. Animals were found dead not having survived the horror they experienced.

The crates from the home of the puppy mill owners.
Dogs forced to sleep in feces and disease!
The rescuers went in not expecting the extent of the animal abuse they found.  This aerial coverage shows a portion of the land used for breeding and poor care of the animals.         
 http://www.wlky.com/Raw-Aerials-Puppy-Mill-Found-In-Henry-County/-/9366718/10026158/-/scxn6m/-/index.html  Despite the claim the house was a "rescue", none of the dogs had been spayed or neutered or receive vet care.
Forced to have litter after litter
Over bred with no vet care

The animals were seized by animal control while the accused couple faced a court case. Unfortunately, the animals had to wait while the court case proceeded - they could not be adopted out nor could they be spayed and neutered. The small animal control was totally overwhelmed but neighboring animals lovers, such as Carroll County, Kentucky animal advocate Tammie L. Crawford, stepped up to help distribute the animals among groups of supporters. 
After a few long months, and a number of twists and turns (including the husband committing suicide), the court case has ended as of this week. We are pleased to report the accused has been found guilty but sadly the punishment seems very disproportion to the crime- she may not even face jail time.

Luckily for the animals, they are now free to find forever homes. Dogs XL has committed to taking 5 Saint Bernards and 1 Bullmastiff. They have been in a foster situation with animal advocate Tammie Crawford for the last four months awaiting  freedom. 
Starting next weekend (April 28) Dogs XL will transport 2 dogs per weekend to Baltimore to begin the next stage in their life. They will receive appropriate medical care, get behavior evaluations, and then begin seeking their forever homes.

Despite the squalor and isolation of their earlier lives, the dogs are sweet and kind. They love people and seek affection and attention from anyone they meet. They also regularly play in the yard with each other. Tammie reported the joy she experienced when she saw the dogs run for the first time. Imagine, a 5-6 year old dog who had never experienced the joy of the wind in their face while she run laps around the yards, feeling her ears flop around! 

Over the next few weeks, we will profile each individual dog and share with you pictures and personality tidbits. For now, please enjoy some quick pictures of the dogs we can not WAIT to meet. 

Aimey is literally dancing!

              Torie... strutting in lots of space!
                                                       Nicholas looking pretty!





We would welcome financial sponsorship of their rescue. Donations of any amount are appreciated.
 To donate, please visit click on the chip in on the top right of this page or go to http://www.dogsxlrescue.org/donate.

Dogs XL is seeking foster homes to serve as temporary homes for each of these dogs. To learn more about fostering or to submit your foster questionnaire, please visit http://www.dogsxlrescue.org/volunteer/foster

Become a volunteer! Dogs XL hosts regular adoption events and always has many needs, including some which you can do behind your computer screen, which will directly and indirectly help these dogs and the other dogs in our care. http://www.dogsxlrescue.org/volunteer

Dogs XL will be seeking amazing forever homes for these dogs. They dogs will need a patient forever home who can coach them through house training and leash walking - something they never learned while living in hell. Ideally, it would be a humane with adults and mature children. We haven't yet seen how the dogs do with small people or small animals. To learn more about adopting with Dogs XL, please visit http://www.dogsxlrescue.org/adopt.

For more information on the rescue of the Henry County hoarding dogs or Dogs XL, please email michelle@dogsxlrescue.org.