Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pampering Appointment!

We are do-it-yourself dogwashers, however, Cadbury deserved a spa day.   We tried the Heresy Spa but they hung up when we said the appointment was for Cadbury.  Ha!
Well we waited until Cadbury was feeling better and his energy was up then we took him to our trusted friends at Annandale Pet Spa for some TLC. They loved him!!!. While all the other dogs there were safely crated around the spa, Cadbury got to hang out with the staff the whole time... The staff, who was sneaking him treats!
Oh he smells like a little slice of heaven now. They cleaned his ears better than we ever could have and really conditioned his coat.   He is quite the handsome dude!
With his weight up to 64 lbs (THAT'S 10 LBS) and with his dapper new bandana, he is stylin and making heads turn!
I included a new "back" picture here so everyone can see how he is looking better already.
He is a sweet, amazing and easy going dog! He is ready for his new home.  Did I mentioned trained?
We LOVE to save dogs like Cadbury! We want them to have the lives they deserve.
Please help us continue our work by donating to their care!

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  1. Love me some Cadbury! The most handsome guy eva!!!