Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cadbury Update 9/26/12

So needless to say, Cadbury had a rough couple of days.   He started a hacking/retching that started every night that went non-stop throughout the entire night.   We started him on some GI medicine and some antibiotics and things were not changing.

Yesterday, Cadbury paid a visit to the vet that was a little anti-climatic.  We got a lot of "keep doing what you are doing and good luck".   Ironic but, oh-so-common, he had a better night just because he went to the doctor.   If I had a dollar every time that happened!

His blood work from a week ago showed he was severely anemic, basically living off of his bone marrow.   But amazingly everything was as good as you can get given his condition.   We opted to not do more blood work or xrays right now per the vets recommendation because he needs a little more time to recover and build some strength before anything can be conclusive with more diagnostics.    The hope is that as he gains weight and recovers, everything will fall into place.   Should things not improve fully, it may tell us HOW he got to be so thin... some of it, although a long shot, could be partially physiological.   Its all a wait and see.

Good News...
We have hit 60 pounds!   Five meals a day and teeny walks have started to help Cadbury put on a little muscle where he had literally NONE.    He is still a little "Eeyore" in personality, but perking up.   Coming from not looking up or into your eyes to staring you down for a rub or food is a lot of progress for this boy.

He tries to beat the other dogs to the door to get to be the first one for a walk:)   Makes us laugh.
Best yet....   he came to my bed last night and whined for a minute, i said "what", so he grabbed my hand in his mouth and pulled me to the back door to let him out.   Can you say, "housebroken"?

For those of you who are looking for a life long pal, Cadbury is the best mannered, easiest and one of the sweetest dogs we have had... and we have had too many to count come through our home as fosters.   He is a delight!

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