Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dark Shadow Thank you UPDATE!

Shadow is very grateful to all of the donors that are going above and beyond to help him!

We have raised about $1200 together to help him start the process to recovery.   Yesterday, he went to the orthopedic specialist for a pre-op evaluation and blood work.  Your donations helped make this possible.

The vet recommended starting next week with his surgery procedures.   He will go in next week to have the vet put him under to further evaluate his knees and to determine the best way to proceed.   Hopefully, he will have one knee repaired at that time.   If the vet evaluates him under anesthesia and feels a knee replacement would be better suited for full recovery, he will be scheduled for that procedure once the custom medical components are ordered and ready to go!

We are excited and optimistic knowing that everyone is pitching in to help the great baby!

Stay posted for updates!

You can meet and support Dark Shadow and Dogs XL tonight, Saturday, August 4th at

Yellow Dog Tavern
700 South Potomac Street
Baltimore, MD 21224

Hope to see you there!

For questions, please email Anne at