Thursday, October 18, 2012

Berber update

We received really bad news during Berbers surgery yesterday that he had masses of cancer everywhere in his body. The vet that was performing the surgery him told us that there was no solution or cure and that seeing the extend of the disease, he recommended letting Berber pass during his time under anesthesia.
Although we are very sad by this news we find some relief for Berber  that it was not a result of the BB's or cruelty. There was a reason he was found in his last days and his foster did her best to give him love and the assistance he needed.. Much better than being in a shelter alone.
The vet and his staff that were with him yesterday really bonded with him. He had walk with the vet prior to his surgery and lots of love and hope going into the surgery today. He was not alone in his final days. We truly feel he was meant to have found us for this reason.
Please do something nice for animal today in Berbers honor if you can.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012



Dogs XL Rescue agreed to take Berber, a shy and scared, sweet mixed breed shepherd.   We think he is about 3 years old.   We had plans to get him into a foster home and then find him a great forever home.   He showed up dirty, very matted and looking a little uncomfortable.

Upon further investigation, he was found to have distended tummy and some urination problems.  We immediately took him to the vet who ran blood work and a did a tummy "tap".    After a few other tests, we were told the unthinkable.   He had between 18 and 20 bebes (as in gunshots) in side him.   Yes, as if he was used for TARGET PRACTICE!

All of us here at Dogs XL have been struggling with this information.   Right now, all we can come up with that makes any sense in this situation is to do what is right for this guy that has been through too much.    There is a possibility that he is not going to make it.   The source of the pain and abdominal swelling might be unfixable, he might not survive long.   For this, we have a WONDERFUL HOSPICE foster that will feed him cheeseburgers and let him know that in his last days, he was loved.  

We are pulling for Berber though.   The other possibility is that our hardworking vet partner can figure out if their is another cause of some of his symptoms.   With hope on Berber's side, we can possibly "fix" the problem and Berber can start his road to recovery.  

We will in no way keep him in pain, but we do want to try to help him, to give him a chance.  No one ever has given him a chance.  BERBER DESERVES OUR HELP!  We are hoping for the best, but feel like we have to give him this chance at life. 

Please consider donating to help Berber.     His medical costs right now are $650.   After the exploratory surgery tomorrow, we will know more.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cadbury's Happy Ending

Sometimes in rescue work, you hit this point where you wonder "What is wrong with this world?", "How much more can I take of seeing bad things over and over"...   then you find a dog like Cadbury (and unfortunately, there are MANY like Cadbury).   You wonder... what did this beautifully sweet, gentle and loving dog go through to end up emaciated, dying in a ditch on the side of the road???

Every time,  it is just as heartbreaking, just as hard.  Sometimes you cry, sometimes you joke, sometimes you are just numb, but as a rescue, each of our volunteers just keep trucking a long.   What pulls us through over and over and over are the happy endings!   And there ARE many happy endings that force you to continue.  The happy endings keep you working knowing that with no end to the homelessness in sight, you have to keep going.  You have to pull it together and just keep saving lives that are depending on you!  

So on Saturday, Cadbury found his home. Did you read that! He found his HOME!
He left with a loving family that fell in love with him as soon as they read his story.   He will have two gentle children to romp around with and just snuggle.  

On his first day home, he rolled on the floor with his new dad and even met a few of his new doggy neighbors.   He even had a movie night with a bunch of children and a dog friend!

He left my house weighing in at a whopping 15lbs more than when he got there.  He was up to 65lbs!   He still has a long way to go, but he was headed there big time!

Although he was still low on energy (and very chill!) this was his last romp with his temporary foster dog pals.  Look how happy he was and how much better he looked.

Please help Dogs XL Rescue continue to take in the harder cases.   They require more time, medical care and financial support.  We can not do it without you!   Please donate to our critical care fund and help save a dog that deserves a second chance like Cadbury!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pampering Appointment!

We are do-it-yourself dogwashers, however, Cadbury deserved a spa day.   We tried the Heresy Spa but they hung up when we said the appointment was for Cadbury.  Ha!
Well we waited until Cadbury was feeling better and his energy was up then we took him to our trusted friends at Annandale Pet Spa for some TLC. They loved him!!!. While all the other dogs there were safely crated around the spa, Cadbury got to hang out with the staff the whole time... The staff, who was sneaking him treats!
Oh he smells like a little slice of heaven now. They cleaned his ears better than we ever could have and really conditioned his coat.   He is quite the handsome dude!
With his weight up to 64 lbs (THAT'S 10 LBS) and with his dapper new bandana, he is stylin and making heads turn!
I included a new "back" picture here so everyone can see how he is looking better already.
He is a sweet, amazing and easy going dog! He is ready for his new home.  Did I mentioned trained?
We LOVE to save dogs like Cadbury! We want them to have the lives they deserve.
Please help us continue our work by donating to their care!