Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Poinsettia Has to have a Holiday Miracle!

Poinsettia was recently rescued from a high kill shelter by Dogs XL Rescue.  In this short time, she has become a favorite among our volunteers!

Poinsettia is a sweet and loving lab that is struggle to survive right now.  Her foster is taking wonderful care of her, but she needs surgery NOW.

Poinsettia medical state is URGENT!.

She has been diagnosed with severe laryngeal paralysis.  She is struggling to breath especially when she lays on her side.   Most likely a genetic condition, the paralysis causes the muscles in her neck and throat to not retract properly when she is breathing.

When Poinsettia lays down, the skin on the inside of her throat (the laryngeal flaps) blocks her airway and she "suffocates".

We have had a veterinarian involved consulting with her condition and they feel they can successfully correct this problem with surgery.  This surgery, however, costs $3000 to $4000 depending on complications. 



Sunday, December 9, 2012

Roudy got a little too Rowdy!

Last night was a night of worry as a foster mom came home to find out that her foster dog, Roudy, had gotten out of the house.  Unfortunately, it was dark and it was a challenging search.    After a few hours, Roudy was found, but he not soon enough.   Roudy, we think, was hit by a car while he was out and about.

His leg was mangled and he was in pain.  Immediately, he was rushed to the ER.   After x-rays and an evaluation,  he was lucky to have to broken bones.   They cleaned his extensive wounds and stitched up an areas that they could close.

This was an unplanned cost that we need your help with.   In a few short hours, Roudy's bills totaled $700.  With the holidays here, this is a tough one for Dogs XL Rescue.  Please help!