Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Memory of Cindy Singer

For those of you are were blessed enough to know Cindy Singer, you knew about her passion for animals.  The birds always had their feeders full and a dog needing love always knew they could find it with Cindy.

Cindy Singer passed away this past week.  Her friends and family will miss her tremendously.   With such a great loss, Cindy's family wanted to honor her life by focusing on her passion of animals.   We know she had a particular fondness for the fluffy goldens!

Dogs XL Rescue is honored to except donations on Cindy Singer's behalf.  Every dollar donated will go directly towards saving the lives of dog on death row and help pay for our special medical needs dogs posted on this website.  We will proudly be announcing the dogs that we are able to save directly with these donations.  

The funds will cover the shelter fees, transport fees to bring the dogs to the local area, all of their medications as well as their spay and neuters.   We have a dedicated all-volunteer team that will foster these dogs that you help save, assist getting them the appropriate medical care, interview potential adopters, do home visits to ensure they are going to the best homes and lastly, place them with a loving family who will cherish them as Cindy Singer would have wanted.  
Cindy's passion is one that we all share here at Dogs XL.  We are priveledged to honor her good heart!    A special thank you to her family for reaching out to us on her behalf.

Please click here for a donation page created expecially for Cindy Singer. 

The Dogs XL family

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Please help NALI stay fluffy!

Nali is  proud edition to the Dogs XL family.   A little itchy and a few bare spots has sent her straight to the care of our vet.  She will be happy and comfortable after a her treatments for mange.  However, in tbe meantime, Nali will require private boarding for up to 8 weeks.  That can seriously add up!  Help nali regain her fluff!   Donate to support Nali!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Alec is coming to BALTIMORE!

So Alec passed his final bill of health finally allowing him to come up to Dogs XL Rescue.   If you aren't familiar with how all of these transports work, just know that rescues can not typically save a dog and transport them across state lines in there is a skin or possibly other health issue.   That was the case with Alec.   Luckily for him, with a lot of love and care, and especially hypoallergenic food, he looks wonderful now.   His ears are still a little aggitated and a few improving bare spots, but a million times better!   We can't wait to have this guy in our arms.   Thank you to everyone that donated for his health care and extended stay keeping him alive at this shelter.   Alec couldn't be more thankful.

Now....   he needs a loving fur-ever home, or a foster.   Please let us know if you are interested in continuing to assist Dogs XL Rescue in helping this special boy.

Friday, March 9, 2012

How handsome is he now!!!

Yep! More comfortable, more hair, MORE HANDSOME!

Alec is recovering with some tlc and is a happy boy!

Thank you to everyone that donated and had special thoughts for our Alec!

Dogs XL thanks you!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prayers needed for Brody

Brody, our wonder dog, has had some set backs.   He made progress after his surgery and things were looking up.   He has a wonderful new dad of less than a week taking great care of him.  
Unfortunately, Brody's intestinal surgery site has become perforated and late last night he underwent a second surgery.   The prognosis is very guarded right now.   Please keep him in your prayers today.
Dogs xl is financially supporting these procedures.   The first surgery was over $ 800.   We do not have a total for this more extensive surgery at this point.

3/10:  update:   brody is hanging in after his second surgery.  Slowly up and moving around and in some pain, he is in a critical stage of recovery.   We continue to keep our paws crossed!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meet Jersey!

We couldn't leave this sweet one behind!   Out of the kill shelter, to the arms of Dogs XL, and now whisked away for ear surgery.
We will post more updates as the vet sends them.   Our fund is being seriously challenged.  We need your help to care for these wonderful dogs. 

3/8/12 update:   great news!   The abcess was successfully removed.  His new family is ecstatic, feeding him hypoallergenic food which will help keep him healthy.  Thank you to everyone who helped out in his care!!!

Brody Update

So Brody is up and moving around.  He had a little to eat.  So now we are carefully optimistic.   Food needs to  stay put and his poor intestine has to heal and avoid infection.
Every day in the hospital is adding up.  Please help defray some of these costs.   Donate today!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Brody's dream had just all come true!  He found his forever home with a loving owner.   It was not expected that he would quickly not feel well.   Not sure of what was wrong, he was taking to the vet and without warning, wound up in emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage.   Apparantly, kitchen towels and toys are a delicacy!   Well, if Brody had not had the surgery, he would not be with us today.  

Right now we are praying and hoping for the best.   The next 48 hours are critical and now, we sit and wait.   He has our support, a new home waiting to love him.... now he just needs time. 

  The sudden urgency of this procedure has us thankful for our vetting partners and the care they give our dogs when they are in need.     Dogs XL needs your help to help cover the costs of this surgery for Brody.   Please consider donating to our care fund today.   All funds today and tomorrow will go directly to the cost of Brody's surgery.

Brody with his foster sister.   Kisses and playing are his favorite pastimes.   What a life!

Brody snuggling a week ago with his foster "brother".   I guess you can say he is dog friendly, eh?