Friday, June 29, 2012

Tiny Needs Emergency Surgery


Yesterday (Thursday) Dogs XL was asked to take in Tiny, a pretty brindle mastiff mix. We were told she was about 5 years old and 175 lbs and she needed OUT of a bad bad situation.

She has been living in a home with over 20 animals and the "caretaker" has been unable to care for the all animals. We agreed to rescue her with the partnership of a local South Carolina rescue Tiny was sent to a local vet for medical attention.

During preparations for her spay surgery, it became quite clear that Tiny was suffering from pyometra. This is a uterine infection in unspayed female dogs. The uterus swells in size much larger than normal, the uterine walls thicken, and becomes filled with puss. It is painful and it requires a removal of the uterus...a major surgery.

The surgery is estimated to be over $1000 plus vet boarding and other charges. Dogs XL is partnering with a local South Carolina rescue and has agreed to pay half of the costs.
We need your help to raise the money to ensure Tiny gets the surgery she needs!  Please click on the below link here to donate to Tiny below link here to donate Tiny.

Thank you from all the volunteers at Dogs XL Rescue.