Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dark Shadow Is in Pain! You can help!

Our Sweet Dark Shadow Needs YOUR HELP to find a Forever home!

Dark Shadow has chronic knee cap dislocation with severe arthritis due to neglect and lack of medical care.    Dogs XL cannot do this without your help!   The cost of the surgery is estimated at $7,000.

Week after week, Dark Shadow goes to adoption events and gets lots of pets and belly rubs. He kisses, wags and is pretty much the "perfect" dog families are looking to adopt.  Sadly, as soon as an adopter hears about his knees, he is left standing alone and unloved with no family taking him home.

It takes a special adopter that comes along once in a lifetime that will adopt a dog that has huge medical bills.  His only chance at a forever home is if we all chip in, piece by piece, to pay his bills. This way he can undergo a corrective surgery for his knees and be adopted out as a "normal" dog.   With your help, Shadow, this beautiful loving dog can find his forever home!

Did we tell you that Dark Shadow is an awesome HUNK OF LOVE yet?   He loves KIDS, he loves DOGS, and you could even say he loves CATS!  He dreams of running and chasing balls, hanging out with his family and having his belly rubbed.

Unfortunately, Dark Shadow has had a rough go during his 3 years of life.   Neglected, he found himself in a HIGH kill (and we mean, very HIGH KILL) shelter in Missouri.  He was heartworm positive and on death row.   Dogs XL Rescue saw this sweet boy and has put forth their best effort to protect and care for him.
With his heartworm treatment complete, he was briefly adopted to a family that lived in a multi-level home.  Because Shadow was never in a house, let alone a house with stairs, no one noticed that he had trouble with his hind legs.   He couldn’t maneuver up and down the stairs due to a knee problem.   The family was unable to financially care for him so he is back with Dogs XL Rescue while we help him through these orthopedic issues.

After a visit to a specialist, he was diagnosed with Bilateral Subluxing Patellar Dysfunction… basically; his knee caps have been dislocated to the side and never went back.   This is a VERY painful and debilitating condition.   Fortunately, surgical intervention can correct the problem!
Dark Shadow definitely needs knee cap realignment but it gets more complicated if there is arthritis.  It is very possible he needs “implants” or in other terms… knee replacements.  The wonderful news is that he will have a GREAT recovery and will be close to normal function after the 16 week recover. 
Dark Shadow, our sweet boy, needs prolonged foster care, funds to cover his surgery, and eventually a family to call his own.