Monday, January 7, 2013

No More Limping Oscar!

Oscar, AKA Mr Home Depot, was found scared and hungry wondering a local Home Depot. When he was rescued by a good Samaritan, he had a limp. We thought it was a hurt paw, did some x-rays and made sure he had anti-inflammatories and pain medication for what was diagnosed as a soft tissue strain. Well.... no improvement!

Today, he went back to the vet for more diagnostics and we have gotten to the bottom of it.

He has a painful shoulder bone cyst/spur and a tear in the cartilage.

 We have been told this is a common issue in larger dogs and that surgery can repair the injury and help him return to 100%. The surgery is necessary to fix this problem and to prevent his current and future pain... as well as prevent inevitable arthritis.

The total estimate was $1700 so we are calling on you for help! And boy do we need it! It has been a tough week for Dogs XL and its pooches. 

We have dogs in hospice care (Poinsettia), orthopedic surgery pending for two dogs and  orthopedic recovery (Noelle), and Parvo (Carson) all hitting us hard emotionally and financially.  Please help Oscar and Dogs XL Rescue by donating to this surgical cost! We (Dogs XL and Oscar) can not thank you enough!


Well, ya know the expression, "BADDA BING, BADDA BOOM"?  

Well,  basically, Bing is taking that expression to a whole new level. 

To define the expression Badda Bing, Badda Boom it takes a little umph and cuteness in this case.   It means "that's a wrap" or "that's it, its all taken care of".  And apparently,  Bing can do with his eyes closed!

This little puppy is saying no more mean people and fighting ring for me!

"From now on, this is my life...Just lounging in arms and loving life!"

Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Please Welcome BING to Dogs XL Rescue!

snuggling in his foster home
off transport into his first hug!


Bing's story is a special one. A fire in the hills of Tennessee brought fire fighters close to an isolated area in the woods. There they discovered over 65 dogs chained to trees, participants in... a suspected dog fighting ring. The had chains bigger than their bodies weighing down their tiny necks. Dogs, mostly pit bull type dogs, were spread across the hill. The conditions were deplorable. The angels at Animal Rescue Corp stepped in and removed all the animals from the chain and opened up a temporary shelter where they could do medical and behavioral assessments. Despite the horror the dogs were all happy to see their rescuers and welcomed these people to their home with love and kisses.
BING chained in the woods at the suspected Dog Fighting Ring

Bing on his chain that weighed more than he did.

Meeting his foster family!

Dogs XL is doing a very small part to help the bust operations and has brought beautiful Bing to Dogs XL. Bing is 5-6 months old and weighs about 20-25 lbs. He is dog and people friendly. He has an expressive face and when you talk to him everything from his nose, eyes, wrinkles, ears, and little butt wiggle with delight. He loves to play fetch and knows how to play "fort" in the backyard. (You climb up the slide and snuggle with your boys in the high fort, duh!)

Bing is going to enjoy foster care for awhile and will be available for adoption shortly. He is looking for an amazing home with home owners who want to turn him into a role model doggie - maybe even a therapy dog. If you are interested in Bing, please email