Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Memory of Cindy Singer

For those of you are were blessed enough to know Cindy Singer, you knew about her passion for animals.  The birds always had their feeders full and a dog needing love always knew they could find it with Cindy.

Cindy Singer passed away this past week.  Her friends and family will miss her tremendously.   With such a great loss, Cindy's family wanted to honor her life by focusing on her passion of animals.   We know she had a particular fondness for the fluffy goldens!

Dogs XL Rescue is honored to except donations on Cindy Singer's behalf.  Every dollar donated will go directly towards saving the lives of dog on death row and help pay for our special medical needs dogs posted on this website.  We will proudly be announcing the dogs that we are able to save directly with these donations.  

The funds will cover the shelter fees, transport fees to bring the dogs to the local area, all of their medications as well as their spay and neuters.   We have a dedicated all-volunteer team that will foster these dogs that you help save, assist getting them the appropriate medical care, interview potential adopters, do home visits to ensure they are going to the best homes and lastly, place them with a loving family who will cherish them as Cindy Singer would have wanted.  
Cindy's passion is one that we all share here at Dogs XL.  We are priveledged to honor her good heart!    A special thank you to her family for reaching out to us on her behalf.

Please click here for a donation page created expecially for Cindy Singer. 

The Dogs XL family

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