Monday, March 5, 2012


Brody's dream had just all come true!  He found his forever home with a loving owner.   It was not expected that he would quickly not feel well.   Not sure of what was wrong, he was taking to the vet and without warning, wound up in emergency surgery for an intestinal blockage.   Apparantly, kitchen towels and toys are a delicacy!   Well, if Brody had not had the surgery, he would not be with us today.  

Right now we are praying and hoping for the best.   The next 48 hours are critical and now, we sit and wait.   He has our support, a new home waiting to love him.... now he just needs time. 

  The sudden urgency of this procedure has us thankful for our vetting partners and the care they give our dogs when they are in need.     Dogs XL needs your help to help cover the costs of this surgery for Brody.   Please consider donating to our care fund today.   All funds today and tomorrow will go directly to the cost of Brody's surgery.

Brody with his foster sister.   Kisses and playing are his favorite pastimes.   What a life!

Brody snuggling a week ago with his foster "brother".   I guess you can say he is dog friendly, eh?

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