Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meet Alec, Dogs XL's True Treasure!

Alec is a gorgeous, sweet and until now, undiscovered treasure.  He was on the euthanasia list despite his wonderful demeanor because of skin issues.    Dogs XL is excited to save this boy.   We want him to have the best diagnostic care so his skin issues can be resolved and he can be more comfortable.   More diagnostics are needed such as skin scrapes, allergy testing, bloodwork and what ever else our vets recommend.   Most likely he will need prescription hypoallergenic food during this diagnostic process to help weed out the causes that are keeping him from being furry and fabulous!
Donations and sponsorship are welcome for sweet Alec! 

We included Alec's good samaritan letter for you to read.  Careful, its a tear jerker.

Alec with his foster!

Hi Dogs XL,

        I know you just took in a great group of dogs (amazing bunch), and this is probably not the best time to be pestering, but I really want to share this boy Alec with you.  The shelter didn't want me to post pictures of Alec, because of his skin problem (see photos, he's beautiful, red hound-ish looking??).  The shelter assumes no one would want Alec....that he would be put to sleep at the end of his 7 day stray hold.  I have spent time with Alec and waited and waited and waited to get the all clear that I could post Alec's pictures and try to find help for him (got my hand slapped several times). Finally, tonight,  I was told I am allowed to post his pictures (his stray hold is up tomorrow). Two skin scrapes for demodex have come back negative. I have taken pictures, video taped Alec in the cat room *(click here to see video)*, he met a few big dogs (he's very non-confrontational) and a small dog, too (small dog wanted to eat Alec, and Alec stood their wagging his tail).  I see something special about this guy.

        The volunteer vet who comes to the shelter once a week will see Alec this week. The shelter's  vet tech and volunteer vet will both have ultimate say in whether Alec can leave the shelter or if he will be pts---and now I'm crying---it's just not right for him to be pts (put to sleep) if someone out there wants Alec, regardless of his currently damaged, itchy-scratchy skin (I have ugly skin, so I sympathize with Alec).  In the meantime, I just wanted to share this boy with you. Right now, there are open kennels, and I was told that the shelter would not put him to sleep, until at least he can see the volunteer vet later this week. 
Thank you, 
*good samaritan*.

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