Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Deuce is fighting for his life and we need your help!

Awhhhh Deuce!   You have us all so worried!

Deuce and his foster buddy.

Oh Deuce, our lovable Alaskan Malamut with the goofy Lab personality...   you have our hearts.    We are thinking about you, sending our love and praying you pull through this illness.

Dogs XL Rescue wanted to save Deuce and find him a great home.  Deuce is a stunning, 3 year old, male, 65-75 lb. Alaskan Malamute mix.  He came to us Heartworm Positive requiring lifesaving treatment.    As soon as he was in our care, he went to a loving foster home with little kids to snuggle and love.   Then things went down hill.   

Deuce developed an acute and severe respiratory infection.   The heartworm treatment caused some complications on top of the decline in his respiratory status.    

Now Deuce is fighting for his life.  The wonderful staff at Montgomery Vet in Gaithersburg is doing everything in their power to save him, but it is touch and go right now with his diagnosis.   

We need your help with this uniquely beautiful, wonderfully goofy and loving boy!   His medical bills are in the thousands;  bills that we can cover only with your help.   

He deserves a happy life, he deserves our help.  PLEASE DONATE NOW TO HELP SAVE DEUCE.

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