Tuesday, October 16, 2012



Dogs XL Rescue agreed to take Berber, a shy and scared, sweet mixed breed shepherd.   We think he is about 3 years old.   We had plans to get him into a foster home and then find him a great forever home.   He showed up dirty, very matted and looking a little uncomfortable.

Upon further investigation, he was found to have distended tummy and some urination problems.  We immediately took him to the vet who ran blood work and a did a tummy "tap".    After a few other tests, we were told the unthinkable.   He had between 18 and 20 bebes (as in gunshots) in side him.   Yes, as if he was used for TARGET PRACTICE!

All of us here at Dogs XL have been struggling with this information.   Right now, all we can come up with that makes any sense in this situation is to do what is right for this guy that has been through too much.    There is a possibility that he is not going to make it.   The source of the pain and abdominal swelling might be unfixable, he might not survive long.   For this, we have a WONDERFUL HOSPICE foster that will feed him cheeseburgers and let him know that in his last days, he was loved.  

We are pulling for Berber though.   The other possibility is that our hardworking vet partner can figure out if their is another cause of some of his symptoms.   With hope on Berber's side, we can possibly "fix" the problem and Berber can start his road to recovery.  

We will in no way keep him in pain, but we do want to try to help him, to give him a chance.  No one ever has given him a chance.  BERBER DESERVES OUR HELP!  We are hoping for the best, but feel like we have to give him this chance at life. 

Please consider donating to help Berber.     His medical costs right now are $650.   After the exploratory surgery tomorrow, we will know more.  

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