Thursday, October 18, 2012

Berber update

We received really bad news during Berbers surgery yesterday that he had masses of cancer everywhere in his body. The vet that was performing the surgery him told us that there was no solution or cure and that seeing the extend of the disease, he recommended letting Berber pass during his time under anesthesia.
Although we are very sad by this news we find some relief for Berber  that it was not a result of the BB's or cruelty. There was a reason he was found in his last days and his foster did her best to give him love and the assistance he needed.. Much better than being in a shelter alone.
The vet and his staff that were with him yesterday really bonded with him. He had walk with the vet prior to his surgery and lots of love and hope going into the surgery today. He was not alone in his final days. We truly feel he was meant to have found us for this reason.
Please do something nice for animal today in Berbers honor if you can.


  1. *water in my eyes at the office* Berber had the chance to see that not all people are bad and can now rest with peace.

  2. I walked Berber many times when he was in our shelter and I gave him every day 2 cans of food which he really loved. Unfortunately we had no idea about his condition. I even bathed him the morning before he went on the trip. He was a very gentle guy.