Saturday, September 22, 2012

Black Shadow UPDATE! Surgery and a home.

Our awesome Black Shadow has had a run of it these past few weeks!   
Thanks to everyone we were able to pay for a portion of his needed surgeries!

First the medical update:
Black Shadow was scheduled for surgery last month.  During his first surgery, the veterinarian determined that Shadow's knees needed a special procedure requiring artificial knee hardware.  So, unfortunately, Shadow was closed back up at his knees and he was put on hold until specialized parts were ordered.

Staples in his first leg that underwent the knee replacement
Yesterday, Shadow went in like a trooper to his big time surgery appointment and underwent the complete replacement on one knee.   He is doing great the vet says and will be released tomorrow to start rehab on his first knee.   In one month he returns to have his second knee repaired.  

But here comes the good news...
When he goes home, he will be going home to HIS NEW FAMILY!   They are going to work with him through the procedures and rehab and make sure he is living the fabulous spoiled life.

Dogs XL Rescue was able to commit to Dark Shadow and his medical needs because of YOU!   But we are only part of the way there and we need YOUR HELP!

Each knee repair costs about $4000!   We are working with the adopters to help Shadow in the best way we know how and we have committed to the cost of these necessary.   Please go to his chip in and help make this boy whole again!
We started ahead on this guy so he would not have to suffer long.   We earned about $2000 towards the $8K.   We are optimistic that we can get your help for the remaining portion of this HUGE BILL.

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