Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day one - improvements and shock

Let's just say that the camera does add ten pounds!    Sweet Cadbury arrived yesterday in Baltimore barely able to stand.   His muscle mass is nonexistent.  
Today he took his last road trip for a little while to head to VA to our adoption event in Tysons Corner to get to his foster home nearby.   With many small meals in his delicate tummy he was standing and actually walked around a little at the event for a few minutes and then headed for a cushy soft bed in his fosters home.
A big vat of rice, chicken and wet dog food was made to be used for a few days to slowly introduce food into his system.
He had trouble standing to eat and his hind feet actually tottered off the ground due to his hindend being so underweight and weak!!!!!   
Tonight he made it on a two house walk.... Ya gotta start somewhere, right???
What we do know is that he is tired, very tired.   Oh but he is sweet, gentle, and really, really tried to wag when he met the fosters dogs and kids.
He is happily and comfortably sleeping right now.    Hope his dreams are of his great home that will come when he is ready!

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