Wednesday, May 16, 2012

They call him BONES...

Cain was his name.  Starving and on a chain, no way to get food, he was at the mercy of his owner. Neighbors did what they could by throwing him food and sneaking him a little house to sleep in when it was pouring rain.   Very unfortunate for Cain, he was in a county that had always turned the other cheek to animal abuse and neglect.  He was dying a slow painful death.
Here is a video of him eating dirt to survive:

Casey Lattimer of the Delta Humane Society of Louisiana decided to fight for him!   Hounding law enforcement she was able to get the only judge in the county to concede to see Bones as more than just property.   Bones was the first dog in this area of Louisiana to be seized from from an abusive owner.  He was only 20 lbs when they took him from his abuser.

Bones' journey to recovery started that day!   The vet in the area took him in and determined that he had significant heartworm disease and feeding him at this point had to be delicate.   The staff was enamored by him and lovingly named him "BONES".   A long term foster home later...  well, this picture says it all.   All 65 healthy pounds of him!  He is doing awesome and is headed our way on a long journey May 20th. He is ready to know what love really is and how life is not what he was subjected to all that time.

A little side note:   The original owner of Bones ran for a local political seat believe it or not!   He was arraigned and plead guilty.   He was charged with $300 in fines, 60 day sentence in jail (now suspended) and was to pay Bone's medical bills.  This story made local news in Louisiana.
Hopefully, his story helps many more animals and brings awareness to other situations that are similar to his.   Too many are not able to be saved from this kind of life.


Even if you don’t haveroom in your home for him, you can help! Donate to Dark Shadows Chip in. You can help save his life, relieve his pain and get him one stepfurther to his forever home!

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