Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Fix Macon NOW!

Dogs XL was approached by one of their shelter partners when this sweet, beautiful boy came in to their extremely high-kill shelter.   Macon was not using his back leg and was in obvious pain!

After an evaluation by the vet, it was determined that Macon was fighting the pain and deformity of a prolonged dislocated hip.    It was VERY obvious was that he has been enduring an unfathomable about of pain that until now, no one was addressing.  
The GREAT NEWS is that we can fix Macon's pain with your help!

With an intensive surgery, the vets are reporting that an excellent recovery is possible.   Macon will need  recovery time and some pooch rehab, but will be able to play and have fun again.    This surgery will cost about $1000 (thank goodness for the vet discount!).

Macon is a gorgeous, Lab/Golden Mix as you can see and is only about 2 years old.  Way too young to not be able to run and play!   His wonderful personality catches everyones attention and he deserves to have his health, be painfree and a family to love him and provide him a forever home.  

Please help Dogs XL Rescue help Macon. 
With your financial support we can get Macon's surgery
scheduled TODAY!  

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