Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hit By a Car, Oreo Rushed to ER!

stabilized awaiting xrays
Our team of volunteers got the news that we dread today...   One of our loved dogs escaped from their foster's home and was hit by a car!

Oreo, our massive mutt/ black lab beauty, was rushed to the ER.  Oreo was in pain and panic was in the air.  Within a short period of time they were able to stabilize her and evaluate her.     After a series of tests, IV's, and xrays, the vets determined she has a fractured pelvis.   Oreo is staying over night to be monitored and observed for internal injuries.

We are all on edge and as we get more information we will keep everyone updated as we get more information!

But for right now, we are waiting more information on whether the fracture is something that will self heal or one that will require surgeries and crossing our paws that Oreo's pelvis saved her internal organs from damage!
pain meds and IV's

We have already acquired over $1200 in vet bills and expect more to head our way.  

Oreo deserves our help.

Please help Dogs XL Rescue!   Your donation will allow us to help Oreo!   Any amount, no matter the size will help!

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