Tuesday, January 17, 2012


When one of our shelter partners suffering, Dogs XL Rescue had to help. We grabbed Mack out of a possible horrible outcome when pits were being stolen from the shelter to be most likely be used as bait dogs. The shelter was faced with a horrible decision... do they euthanize the "pitty-looking" dogs to save them from a worse fate?

Mack is one of those dogs that was facing being stolen or euthanized. Luckily, he is safe at the vet right now getting treatment for his Heartworm positive status. The cost includes the medications, vet care and boarding at the vet to medically supervise him after his injections to make sure he is responding well.

Can you please help Dogs XL do what they do best? We save deserving dogs like Mack from horrible fates, give them the medical care they deserve and find them wonderful loving homes? The cost of his treatment is covered by donations such as yours! Can't foster? Can't help at events? Well, your donation helps a lot!

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